Here's the Story:
               How I got here.

I painted my first painting - with my sister's fourth grade watercolors on a sheet of notebook paper - when I was three years old. My inspirations have always come from the sights and sounds of the world seen and heard through my own eyes and ears. I love patterns, and I can't get enough of color. So much so, that I majored in studio arts and art history in college. Then, I found a series of dream jobs; in print shops. Five of them. I typeset and designed by day, and painted by night. Life was pretty sweet.

After the print shops - and a series of unfortunate events notoriously known as 2008: The Great Recession - I started looking for more ways to shed light on all those nights in my studio, painting to classical, new age, and hip hop under headphones. I found them, using snippets of my artwork to design patterns on an indie site known as Spoonflower. My bold, heavily detailed, abstract style lends itself to a myriad of designs. Take a look at my Spoonflower shop: I have hundreds of individual patterns to browse. You'll get a kick out of their names.

Get in touch with me today to find out what I'm up to and what I can provide for you as an artist and a designer. Lori Wier Designs has successfully entered the licensing industry (bragging rights coming soon), and should you have some space around the house or office for something new and original, I welcome commissions.

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Now, kindly understand: I like trolls. I've known trolls all my life, and I get along with most of them. So, if you're a troll, welcome! But please: Behave yourself. Be kind, polite, and patient, and we can exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, do some serious business, perhaps even become the best of friends. Act out, and you will NEVER see this website again. Not your troll friends who behave themselves; just you.

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