Okay: Let me explain. There's a lot going on with this work. It all began with painting a series of acrylic paintings on 2.75" wide x 2.75" high miniature canvases. I challenged myself to use a limited palette on each canvas, and to keep the overall design simple, while the detail work made the final composition intricate and visually interesting.


A year or so after completing the series and exhibiting them, I was checking my studio inventory and came across six mini canvases that remained from the art show I entered them in. Top left to top right, their titles are Hero Shirt, Priddi, and Pillow Lava. Bottom left to bottom right: Crushed Grapes, Rosilica, and Stanislaus. They all have their little stories, but had nowhere to go except back to the shelf they were stored on. So, after acquiring a heavily ornate plaster picture frame, I arranged them onto an 8" wide x 10" high canvas panel painted with swirled metallic acrylics and constructed a permanent mixed media work, measuring 16" wide x 14" high, and approximately 1 1/2" thick. And it is indeed a permanent work; everything is glued down with E6000 clear adhesive.


Lastly, there is the title. No, it isn't R-H-S-P-S-C-G-P-L. It's much longer than that, and there are just so many character spaces in an entry field, so I had to abbreviate it. The actual title is Rosilica Wore Her Hero Shirt to Priddi, Where Stanislaus Crushed Grapes with Pillow Lava. An amalgamation of the titles of each mini canvas, this title and the work itself are both one-of-a-kind. There are two complimentary sawtooth hangers nailed to the back of the frame, giving you a temporary choice of landscape or portrait wall display (see the Care Instructions for why temporary is bold and italicized).


  • Care Instructions

    This is a one-of-a-kind work. While there are no moving parts, deliberate care is needed. If the work needs cleaning, use a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe the surface of the miniature canvases. If dust accumulates between the canvases, use a small, flat brush to gently sweep around the edges. Do not use detergents or cleansers, and do not submerge in liquid. Display in an area where activity is low; due to the plaster frame, the work is heavy and an impact may result in damage and/or injury. When deciding on a permanent hanging method, I highly recommend replacing the sawtooth hangers with D-rings and picture hanging wire after purchasing to ensure the safety and security of the work should you choose wall display.