The Spring Hatch is a mixed media work rendered in nail polish, embellished with nail jewels and wristwatch components. Three miniature canvases measuring (from bottom left to top right) 3" wide x 2" high, 2" wide x 3" high, and 3" wide x 2" high are affixed to a 10" wide x 8" high sheet of decorative paper, which in turn is affixed to a 10" wide x 8" high sheet of picture frame glass. The entire composition is held within a 12" wide x 10" high wooden white-coated frame, ready to hang. 


The three canvases are titled, left to right: Leaving the Nest, Going Up, and All AshoreThe Spring Hatch is a one-of-a-kind work, inspired by the nail technicians behind all of those fashionably adorned finger tips, fully capable of surpassing traditionally recognized art techniques with the stroke of a polish brush.

The Spring Hatch

  • Care Instructions

    This is a one-of-a-kind work. While there are no moving parts, deliberate care is needed. If the work needs cleaning, use a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe the surface of the miniature canvases. If dust accumulates between the canvases, use a small, flat brush to gently sweep around the edges. Do not use detergents or cleansers, and do not submerge in liquid. Display in an area where activity is low; due to the mini canvases protruding past the thickness of the frame, an impact may result in damage and/or injury.