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Care for a portfolio tour?

This abstract artist and surface designer from the "thumb" of Wisconsin has something new in store for you!

Tap the pillows, sheet sets, and placemats below to see what the designs look like

through Spoonflower's home decor site Roostery!

THEN, let me know if you have a favorite (or favoriteS) among the designs a little farther down.

It's always good to know what direction to go in: Your happiness is my pleasure!

A caveat...

...Here comes the mushy stuff.

Thank you so much for taking a look at my portfolio. I've always wanted my artwork to do more than take up space on a wall... There's nothing wrong with that, it just isn't useful enough for me.

My work has a nano-niche market. It needs to multi-task; just like its maker. I hope you see the potential in my patterns as much as I do. So be sure to check back often: My work is on-going, and I regularly retire earlier designs.


This portfolio is a work in progress, and always will be. So please stop by as often as you like to see if there have been some changes: this last one was pretty drastic, I know!

Once again, feel free to get in touch with me. Besides the thousands of patterns available (and I'm not joking: there are more than 4,000 patterns!), I do commissions in my abstract style as well.

ALSO: The Regal Mishmash, that elusive website shopping extravaganza I had hoped to open, has become the video below. If there's one thing I've learned managing a website, it's that there are way-WAY-WWWAAAYYY too many choices for getting the word out about yourself (my opinion; sticking to it), so I've decided to go with what I know for now and show my work in galleries around my little bend of Lake Michigan. Enjoy the video: it's short.

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