It is indeed my privilege and honor to represent my friend and fellow artist from Toulouse, France -


Magdy Basstorous

Salon National des Arts pour Magdy Basst

Magdy is a prolific painter who has forged his own path in the abstract style. Born in 1951 in Dandra, Egypt on the coast of the Red Sea, he has been painting since he was eight years old. Magdy came to France in 1975 with an accounting degree, but his love of painting and the colorful, detailed memories of his birthplace never left him. Throughout his work, one sees the profound impression his childhood home made upon him; in particular, his deep love for fishing! While fish are a subject near and dear to his heart, his interpretation through rich, translucent color and uninhibited abstract techniques renders a narrative to fond memories without the wistfulness of nostalgia. Magdy's painterly execution leaves his audience with a curiosity for the Red Sea coast, as well as a simultaneous sense of peace and urgency, as one may be subconsciously nudged to ponder the ecological and cultural future of the region. 

Magdy has exhibited his works throughout France, most notably at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, in Toulouse where he currently resides, and in the south-western cities of Souillac, Blagnac, and Gaillac. One of his proudest honors was receiving the Pierre Mazard Painting Award at the 25th Salon National des Arts in Souillac in 2005. Magdy has also exhibited his paintings in Flanders and Denmark in the European Union, the United Kingdom, and New York in the United States.

Magdy's original paintings are available online!