Lori Wier Designs

Meet The Team

Photography (excluding The LAW) courtesy of

Tom Groenfeldt, photographer, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin


Wier the Artist


Wier the Artist holds degrees in studio arts and art history. Her concentrations were in acrylic painting in studio arts, and medieval and twentieth century periods in art history, all while earning her way through college as a freelance musician.

The patterns in Lori Wier Design's "artsenal" are clipped from Wier the Artist's own paintings, drawings, and photographs. After the paint dries and the eraser crumbs are swept away, it's up to the rest of the team to make the magic. 


L.A. Wier


L.A. learned her graphic design skills during a thirteen-year stint in the printing industry back in the 1990's through the early 2000's... the first four years of the 21st century, that is. L.A.'s the one who finds those sweet spots in Wier the Artist's paintings, drawings, and photographs and makes them workable.

While a staunch believer in good art not matching your sofa, L.A. knows that good design and a well-coordinated colorway will match a floor model Chesterfield with those liquidation throw pillows and Aunt Betty's hand-knitted afghan in a heartbeat. L.A. is also known for her run-on sentences.

This is the painting I rendered in response to a moment of righteous indignation.

And in case my cheeky humor left you with more sighs than smiles,

Lori Wier Designs is a one-woman team, and I'm the woman.




When the 2008 Great Recession took out EVERYTHING, The LAW emerged as a formidable force in the practice of stretching a dollar to Jupiter and back. Out of work and newly remarried, an opportunity to earn a graduate degree presented itself, and The LAW pounced (frozen pizzas and canned vegetables had taken their toll).


With her Masters in Business Administration, Accounts Payable are no match for The LAW's dollar taffy-pulling skills. She's currently tasked with transforming Accounts Receivable from a far-fetched fantasy to a sustainable (and no longer laughable) reality.


Laurie Johnson


Laurie Johnson (the one yours truly was known as for about thirty-seven seconds before righteous indignation got the best of her) never existed. She was conjured up on a name tag the real-life musician f/k/a Lori Davis refused to wear while performing for that northern Illinois regional farmland-reverted-to-grassland conservation fundraiser (now THAT'S a description!). But without her, Lori Wier Designs would still be just another daydream.


The person playing the violin in the photo is none other than Lori Wier herself, whose weekend gig money made this venture possible. Thanks, Laurie: the painting Lori Davis rendered out of an overdeveloped sense of injustice is a treasure trove of elements for Lori Wier Designs! Confused yet?